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Women choose breast augmentation for a variety of reasons – to boost their self-confidence, restore their figures after pregnancy or breastfeeding, or fit into more flattering clothes.

Whatever the reasons are, breast augmentation is one of Dr. Berman’s signature surgeries and among his top three most popular procedures. 

At Berman Cosmetic Surgery we offer both saline and silicone breast implants. You can learn the benefits of each during your free consultation.

All the implants are placed under the muscle, so it has a natural look. You can shower in 24 hours. You will only need 4-5 days until you can return to work.

Our reviews speak for themselves...

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Watch what our super happy client says about Breast Augmentation at Berman Cosmetic Surgery!

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Things To Know About Breast Augmentation

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David E. Berman, MD

«I had searched for years for the right surgeon to perform my breast augmentation, and when I met Dr. Berman I knew immediately that I could trust him. He performed my surgery through a nipple incision with EASE. No one can see my scars as they are barely even there! I feel like my breasts finally look the way I always wanted them, my friends all want to get breast augmentations after seeing mine, and I always tell them they MUST go to Dr. Berman!» - read more.

«Three years later and I'm still in love with my results. I was determined to pursue happiness in 2017 and that meant being selfish for once (I was a single mom of two at the time). When a friend referred me to Dr. Berman, I didn't think twice especially since she achieved great results.  By 3 months post-op, I knew I made the right choice. Dr. Berman and his team have been awesome through this journey.» - read more.

«Treating myself to Breast Augmentation for my milestone birthday gift was the best decision! Surgery can be intimidating for anyone but Dr. Berman and his team could not have been more amazing! From personal check-ins from Dr. Berman post-surgery to the smiling faces of his staff and the fastest recovery I could have imagined it all ended in the most superb results!» - read more.

Check out this video by Dr. Berman to see how it works.